Sonu Sood has teamed up with Penguin Random House to shed light on what inspired him to undertake the rescue missions during the health crisis.

The year has been strange and unsure for greater motives than one, check out the tenets of humanity more than anything else. Actor Sonu Sood has been one of the many who rose to the occasion, placing an instance of empathy and compassion, and his spectacular effort in sending migrant people home during the fitness disaster will be recounted for years to come.

The actor now has chosen to narrate the story for the world to read. He has teamed up with Penguin Random House to shed mild on what stimulated him to undertake the mammoth task and the rescue missions he headlined. The book, untitled as of now, will be out later this yr and posted through Ebury Press.

Speaking on it, the writer said, “The past three and half months have been a form of a life-changing ride for me, dwelling with the migrants for sixteen to eighteen hours a day and sharing the pain. When I go to see them off as they start their ride back home, my coronary heart is stuffed with pleasure and relief. Seeing the smiles on their faces, the tears of happiness in their eyes has been the most unique experience of my life, and I pledged that I’ll keep on working to ship them returned to their properties till the last migrant reaches his village, to his loved ones.’

“I consider I got here to this metropolis for this — and this used to be my purpose. I favor thanking God for making me a catalyst in helping the migrants. While my coronary heart beats in Mumbai, after this motion I experience a section of me lives in the villages of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Uttarakhand, and various other states the place I have now observed new pals and made deep connections. I have determined to put these experiences, stories that are embedded in my soul forever, in a book, and I’m very delighted that Penguin Random House is publishing it. I want you to be a phase of this journey so that we can share these distinct memories and make them immortal. I’m excited, anxious, and overwhelmed, and I can’t wait to join you through my book. I appear ahead to your support—and love you all,” he similarly added.

“While most of us in our lifetimes desire to work to help others in need, only a few simply make it our life’s mission. Sonu Sood is one such person. For the previous two months, he has been spending most of his time and sources in supporting the migrants find their way back home. He is there with them, standing shoulder to shoulder, sharing their ache, and giving them hope. The e-book will carry collectively the story of this amazing journey—of people who had been all of sudden left except safety and livelihood; of hope and the feeling of oneness that binds us all together. I am grateful that Sonu is sharing these stories in a book, and I am proud to publish it,” Milee Ashwarya, publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, Penguin Random House India used to be quoted as saying.